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Here is our first newsletter design for I-GREEN.
Read and post your opinions!

<![CDATA[ID CARD Design for Excise Department]]>Tue, 28 Aug 2012 19:14:10 GMThttp://www.nijool.com/latest/id-card-design-for-excise-departmentOur team has designed 175 ID CARDS for Kerala Excise Department(Idukki Division) for thier new project "Candle light" which is a long term training programme for Smart students in Thodupuzha (Kerala,India)area
<![CDATA[Nijool became official designer of Green life Foundation India ]]>Mon, 27 Aug 2012 19:08:40 GMThttp://www.nijool.com/latest/nijool-became-official-designer-of-green-life-foundation-india
We are happy to announce that Nijool Creatives became the Official Designer&Media partner of Green life Foundation India- an organisation working for the upliftment of Students;Concentrating in Student Counselling &  Training.
Nijool already submitted  New Generation visiting card designs,Brochure designs etc. to GLF.
We will also manage thier Website and Facebook page too.
We hope Nijool's innovative approach will bring 'Youthful touch' to  GLF in branding&Advertising.
Thier website